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Lol he went to the in


you should add a thing where you can read things that are able to be read, like a book or calenda


I was just trying to get the poor guy out of there


dont ride legs

you : me are you and you are me, i'm me and you're you, you're me and you, me are you and me

the dreamer: I don't understand.

I'm a me.

Inside me is a friend.

You're a me.

Within you is beer.

I'm a you.

Inside me is a pair of chopstick.

I'm a me.

Inside me is beer.

I'm at the mineral. I'm a me.

Within me is beer.

I don't understand.

You're in the you but yo. You're a me.

Within you is beer.


Theory is real

Well that's just lazy writing.


By the way, you can say that it's something that doesn't exist and it will think you are what you put in  🤣😂😂

oh lawd


create characters or encounter them.

have a conversation with a character,

request character

create creature,

tame creature,

order creature,

character/creature skills.

that would  make it more interesting and a bit more alive

well you CAN create things


this is a cute game! in the generation i got, it placed me along a highway with a "shoulder" that turned out to be made up of actual muscles? i thought it was funny :P


Pretty cool, I'm very interested in this concept. I've always been a fan of text based adventure games. 

help me i keep getting network errors

HTTPS certificate expired. Should be fixed now :)

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also, according to this: there is a void, it it is a location, in that location is a locker room that contains a body of water and that body of water contains a blowfish and a boat, the blowfish is, repeat is, meat and head! However the boat has flipped over has capsized and boat whistle and has a propellor. while Inside it is a bikini babe, a fisherman, a pump, and a deck. This is nuts! PS Almost all of this was copied and pasted so every where connector word comes from it, example: the fish IS meat and HEAD, boat has flipped over has capsized and boat whistle and has a propellor.

where do i download?

It's a web game. You can play it here or at


I am so confused and this makes no sense whatsoever, 11/10