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This was the very first game that I wanted to play from the bundle, but no support for newer versions of macOS is a terrible disappointment! Please consider us lowly folk with Apple devices running newer operating systems ;c


I'm having an issue in the game (running on OSX) where all my key-presses stop registering after 10-30 seconds of playing. The game still runs in the background; music is playing and other characters move still around, but I'm stuck and unable to move, menu, or act in any way. Only option is to quit the game, but the same problem happens on next open. I've tried deleting/redownloading the game twice already. I have no clue what I'm doing, so any advice is appreciated!


same problem here on mac. once i pick up the first item in the class i never make it out 


Hi Calcitrix, see the second heading on this post for a solution:

I'm almost obsessed with this game. I really love it!

i don't know if im just dumb, but im on a laptop and don't have the pgup/pgdn keys. is there another way to traverse the menu?

Usually there's a Fn key or similar you can hold while you press arrow keys to perform pgup/pgdn. You can also rebind them from the game's title screen options menu.

Really enjoying this! I meant to only play for 30 minutes before bed and suddenly it's 2 AM.


I'm having a blast with this one. It's very funny and well-polished. It feels just as good to play as the best roguelikes and Zelda clones out there. This game alone is reason enough to buy the bundle, and I'm glad I didn't skip over it when browsing my new collection.

Noticed a glitch - When using the tunic that increases your size, you can't interact (pick up skulls, push blocks) from the top. Every other direction works just fine.

I've encountered this as well. Best tunic in the game though!


game does not launch on windows 10,tried compatibility changes and it doesnt work. shows a white page flash then nothing. noticed the application size is only 43KB so maybe all the files arent downloading? also tried downloading, re-downloading and launching in app and also doesnt work.  any help?

It works fine for me. But beside the .exe there are 300MB of Java-Runtime and Asset files


i've been experiencing this same problem and haven't found one. i really want to play this too. 


Same here, can't find the right fix, so can we get a steam key instead?


just got it in the BLM bundle and it just refuses to open shame it was one of the few games that convinced me to get the bundle in the first place


yeah hoping someone manages to find a way to make this work.

Yesterday Lenna wasn't having it with my (admittedly underpowered) Ubuntu Ideapad, the game thought I was missing some gpu feature. Now with 1.0.11, it works. Try again with the update.

thats a negitive chief tried current version and previous


Go into the install location, open up launch-config.json in notepad, and change 

"useOpenGL": true,


"useOpenGL": false,

This is what fixed it for me, as it seems like certain programs can't access the correct OpenGL version on my computer.

That ain't it chief thanks anyway though

Omg it worked for me, thank you so much for that


Does this game support controller support?

would also like to know


Seems like it does :)

I just tried and it appears that it does.

I'm using Linux with a ps3 controller connected via USB

Yes, I'm using PS3 controller. Don't let your controller die though if using Bluetooth, as reconnecting doesn't seem to get picked up in-game and you have to restart.

Does not support controllers on Mac OS


Not interested in installing Gentoo just to play a game with a controller.  If I was going to use a linux distro it'd KDE Neon, Ubuntu, CentOS, or straight Debian.

Its a joke lol

I used a Xbox elite and everything works without mapping. Plug and play

Lenna on Windows doesn't pick up on my PS4 2nd gen controller. If I launch it through Steam, their shim driver works perfectly.

I'm using my xbox controller on Windows 10


I'm actually having an issue with this. I'm using a wired nintendo switch controller on Arch Linux. This controller works for other game platforms, such as retro arch, but doesn't work for this game. The game itself is beautiful and worth it to play even without the controller


Bought this here years ago, and was reminded of it with the Racial Justice bundle.

It's really been polished up since last I played. The 32-Bit art style is really nice, and while I kind of miss the old start of the story, the new one is good too, and the later parts of the story and game mechanics are really great!

Good on you for adding it into the bundle!


I had no idea this game exists. Glad it's included in the bundle. I guess this one alone will be worth the 5 bucks!


Hey folks, check out this game for sure! It's for sure a stand out gem among the 1000+ games in this bundle. This dev is definitely one to keep an eye on! 

First time playing it and it's awesome. Truly awesome. 

it looks good enough to try it out later :P


You should probably be showing the "do not play this game if you're prone to seizures" warning somewhere *before* purchase. It's not a problem for me, but it is for some of my friends, and spending ten bucks to be told not to play would be frustrating as all heck.

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it looks like there's ways to turn off the filter and flash/shaking effects in the controls menu. 


I will buy this as soon as I get my salary on monday, looks really sweet ^^

1. I guess this game is kinda OK for kids btw? I would play with my sons, and I guess its just some blood here and there will prolly be fine.

2. Do you plan to bring this to nintendo switch?



"Do you plan to bring this to nintendo switch?"

Hahaha, I'm sure Nintendo would love a Zelda clone on their console.


It worked out for Blossom Tales...

It worked out for kamiko

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It worked out for Blossom Tales, Ocean Horn, Okami, Reverie, Shalnor Legends, Songbringer, Hyper Light Drifter, The Forbidden Arts, Decay of Logos, Pine, A Knight's Quest, Mages of Mystralia, Sparklite, Oninaki, Hob, Sphinx and the Cured Mummy, Legend of Kay, DreamWorks Dragons, Tanzia Legend of the Skyfish, Kamiko, Fairune, Darksiders, Ittle Dew 1 and 2, Crystalis, Moonlighter, Baldo, CrossCode, Ary and the Secret of Seasons, Eternal Edge, Sikanda, Windbound, Gods and Monsters, Hazelnut Bastille and Genshin Impact

Especially the first and last ones in this list

I think that the Java dependency is a no-go on Switch


This game rules


Will the newer OSX versions be supported in future? Because the only thing that keeps me away from buying it is, that my OSX version is not supported.

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Agreed, are there plans to update for this?


We're not planning to officially support newer OSX versions, but I've heard reports from some users that it works just fine on them.

"Its dangerous to go alone, take this!"

Fun concept, I'll be adding to my steam wishlist.

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