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A whimsical visual novel game, where the player character is procedurally generated using Twitter search results.

The main theme is 'using a thief to hit ostriches'.

this is the best one

just because it uses "Procedurally Generated" does not make it automatically a good idea. Still, some interesting inputs.

anyone interested in the procedural jam?

This kind of generator is really cool! How did you make it?

It's also about an Evil Plumber LOL XD

is this even a game practically??


This is actually useful to know what things I can use to generate a seed. I was thinking of using the user's name, the date (up to the seconds) and an algorythm to generate it, but here are some better ideas.

Thank you.

See also: for a bunch of generators and things to apply the generators to.

I'm too smooth brain to figure this out... But it is interesting


So many good ideas that I wonder what we (hu-mans) are  good for.


Maybe we're here to make the games the bots think up.


The first phase before we turn into this:


I like the button style :)


It's a good style!

Very good!